The testimonial of workplace transformation in Noida

Clement Stone was one of the prominent businessmen in the world, a living testimonial of the proverb ‘rags to riches’. He once said that we are the ‘product of our environment. So we must choose an environment which boosts us to success and motivates to fulfill our objectives in life. He asserted that environment should not hold us back; rather, it should help towards achieving success. This is what the corporate world is being researching for so long, does their workspace is contributing to attain more productivity, growth and collaboration for business or else is it causing any hindrances.

Noida’s stardom as a business hub is unparalleled and majority of people agree on that. There are a large number of MNC’s, business outsourcing firms and even start ups in the city. But how many offices are there in Noida which applies the most modern management disciplines, technology and materials of construction? Arguably their might be a handful of commercial spaces and the rest might be brick boxes and generators of urban stress among workforces. But Noida lately has witnessed the inception of Alphathum which stands out among the crowd. The comprehensive answer that proves that Noida and its admiring business has travelled a lot from the old traditions and culture.


Bhutani Infra and its adorable initiative Alphathum are quite a significant presence in the city lanes of Noida and Delhi. If you have noticed the structure of the project, which you couldn’t have missed, you can smell the glory of office spaces and real estate investments. The imposing structures of three cascading towers in a whooping 25 acre commercial campus have no other comparisons in Noida. Strategically located in the Sector 90, it is garnished by a lot of first time features and amenities.

The 900 ft infinity rooftop pool will be the globes biggest, once Alphathum finishes its proceedings in Noida in 2019. It will be similar to that of the pool in the Marina Bay Singapore.

By using VFD Technology, the property enables to be cost effective and a less maintained module. Alphathum Noida delivers this feature when its global absorption is very small.

A great mixture of components like premium offices, incubation center, spa, terrace gardens, sky lounge, bars & restaurants which will trigger the commerce in the city to new heights.

An integrated architecture which focuses on the basic principles nature will embrace a creative idea of work space environment for business to be more innovative.

Couple this with the unbeatable location of Alphathum comprising Infosys campus, FNG Expressway, Noida Expressway and the massive residential catchment in the surrounding.

Finally, investments are rewarded with assured 10-12% returns with extendable lease guarantee of three years to make Alphathum a comprehensive transformation of office spaces in Noida.

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